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My passion for the industry is not only in performance, but teaching others how to express themselves in the art of acting. I've been teaching classes as well as providing private coaching since 2018 and am eager to help all artists - young and old - as they navigate their way along the acting journey. 

Available Classes:

Voiceover Study - a class for beginners where you will learn the techniques to engage audience members and casting directors with the power of your own unique voice. 


Acting for the Stage and Screen - a class for beginners and intermediate actors, where we will explore a variety of techniques to convey a captivating performance as well as study the difference between acting onstage and screen.

Auditioning Study - learn the art of auditioning for commercial, TV, film and musical theater as you view the industry through my own personal insight on what resources to utilize as you begin your auditioning experience.

By Appointment Audition - have an audition and need a second pair of eyes?  I'm happy to help, book an appointment now!

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